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CPI Coupons are a great way to provide refunds, incentives, employee rewards or safety awards, enabling vending operators to maximize sales and increase customer loyalty. CPI coupons have enhanced security features that guard against fraudulent and copied coupons.

Choose from 11 generic coupons that are ready to order and ready to use, or promote your business by ordering custom CPI coupons for your company, with your unique message.

First time Customers, order by clicking "Place Order" under Generic Coupons or Custom Coupons.

CPI Products with Coupon Capabilities:

  • All CPI series 2000 combo acceptors
  • CPI VN2500 bill acceptors manufactured after Sept. 30, 2002 accept CPI coupons
  • CPI VN2500 bill acceptors manufactured between Nov. 1999 and Sept. 27, 2002, can be upgraded to take CPI coupons by using the Bill Programming Module (BPM)
  • CPI AE2600 bill acceptors manufactured after Nov. 1, 2003 accept CPI coupons
  • CPI AE2600 bill acceptors manufactured prior to Nov. 2003 can be configured to take CPI coupons by upgrading the control board

Click here for instructions for CPI vending value coupon and Free vend coupon for the series 2000 bill acceptors.


  • Security
    • CPI bill acceptors have 100 percent optical technology and use a unique security-coding process to prevent acceptance of competitor coupons
  • High reliability
    • Optical sensing technology provides more accurate acceptance of legitimate bills/coupons and greater reliability than those using older magnetic contact sensing systems
    • Four-way coupon acceptance
    • High first-pass acceptance
  • Flexible coupon program
    • Three vend amounts - Free, $1 and $5
    • Custom coupons to carry your customer's message
  • One-button programming for coupon acceptance
  • Operator Benefits
    • Helps manage refund costs
    • Increases machine volume
    • Provides cross-promotion opportunities
    • Offers commissions/incentives
    • Builds awareness of your company with customized coupons